Frog Aides

In Frog Aides, you won’t learn by listening -- you’ll actually learn by doing, and you’ll impact the student body along the way. Your hands-on experience may range from discovering your personal leadership style, to creating long-lasting friendships with future campus leaders, to planning and implementing projects throughout the year.

Frog Aides is SGA’s first-year student leadership organization that equips students to become impactful leaders on campus and beyond.  

Past Frog Aides have gone on to lead in every aspect of the TCU community, in and out of SGA. Many Student Body Officers, SGA leaders, Greek Life leaders, Orientation Leaders, Frog Camp Facilitators, Connections Mentors, Tour Guides, campus mentors, and community leaders began their leadership development right here in Frog Aides.  Be sure to follow Frog Aides on Instagram!

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Hear directly from former Frog Aides about how the program shaped their TCU experience and personal leadership journey.

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