Executive Branch


SGA’s Executive Branch of the Student Government Association is comprised of the Student Body Officers, Chief of Staff, and Presidential Director Board. They provide leadership across all branches and ensure that SGA is helping students in the most efficient and effective way possible.



Student Body President

Ben Taylor
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Willow Park, Texas
Major: Political Science

TCU Involvement: Beta Theta Pi, Moot Court, Student Government Association

Responsibilities: Oversee the Student Government Association to assure that its actions and direction are aligned with the betterment of the student body; Represent the undergraduate student body unless otherwise provided for; Represent the faculty, staff, and administration to the House; Establish and maintain working relationships with the university administration and trustees

-to ensure the student voice is effectively and broadly amplified to Faculty and Administration
-to streamline current campus transportation systems
-to represent the entire student body fairly
-to leave TCU and the Office of the President in better shape than when I was elected

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Student Body Vice President of Operations

Abbey Widick
Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: Political Science and Communication Studies

TCU Involvement: Chancellor’s Leadership Program, Frog Camp Facilitator, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Fortress Youth Development Program Mentor, John V. Roach Honors College, Frog Aides Class of 2019

Responsibilities: Coordinate the internal activities of SGA; serve as the project manager for all SGA initiatives; represent the undergraduate student body on Intercom; conduct SGA-sponsored services


  • Coordinate logistics for the 2017 Fall Concert
  • – Organize a campus wide campaign raising awarness for Mental Health resources
    – Expand upon the It’s On Us Sexual Assault Prevention Week
    – Maximize efficiency of current testing materials (scantrons) and the TCU Holiday Shuttles program
    – Improve cohesion of SGA as a whole


    Student Body Vice President of External Affairs

    Hudson Trent
    Class Year: 2018
    Hometown: Dallas, Texas
    Major: Finance and Marketing

    TCU Involvement: Student Foundation, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Neeley Fellows, Educational Investment Fund (EIF), TIP Board

    Responsibilities: Build and foster relationships with TCU student organizations; act as liaison between TCU community and Fort Worth community; promote and advertise SGA; facilitate the development of relationships with other Big 12 universities

    – to maximize students’ ability to make an impact and get involved in the Fort Worth community
    – to ensure students’ opinions are taken into account while lobbying local state and federal governments
    – to ensure students are aware of the resources we can provide through strong marketing initiatives
    – to be an accessible and approachable resource for students and student organizations
    – make strides in ensuring organizations get all the resources SGA can provide and they need

    Director of Marketing:
    Andrea Carrasquilla

    Cara Doil Headshot

    Student Body Treasurer

    Cara Doil
    Class Year: 2018
    Hometown: Allen, Texas
    Major: Real Estate
    Minor: Accounting

    TCU Involvement: Delta Gamma, Delta Sigma Pi, Student government Association, Frog Aides

    Set SGA’s Budget; Review, approve, record, and report all financial decisions and allocations; Be up to date on all account balances and be able to relay said balances to all related parties

    – Make the Finance Committee and the SGA funding processes more accessible online
    – Bridge the gap between the students and SGA
    – Create a budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year that will give the students the most benefit for their money
    – Help students to get the most out of what we do for them through SGA


    Chief of Staff

    Kat Klein
    Class Year: 2018
    Hometown: Austin, Texas
    Major: Movement Science
    Minor: Biology and Chemistry

    TCU Involvement: Chancellor’s Scholars Program, Honors Ambassador, John V. Roach Honors College, Gamma Phi Beta

    Responsibilities: Serves as a senior adviser to the Student Body President and oversees the executive branch director board. Assists the Student Body President in goal setting, ensuring accountability, and appointments of new members to University Committees.


    Chief of Staff

    Jacob Choulet
    Class Year: 2018
    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
    Major: Finance and Accounting

    TCU Involvement: Neeley Fellows, Chancellor’s Scholars Program, Frog Aides Class of 2018, Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Responsibilities: Serves as a senior adviser to the Student Body President and oversees the executive branch director board. Assists the Student Body President in goal setting, ensuring accountability, and appointments of new members to University Committees.

    House of Representatives


    The SGA House of Student Representatives is the elected voice of the student body. The House’s main goals are to improve the lives of TCU students by fulfilling SGA’s purpose of funding, advocating, and uniting.



    Learn More About the House of Reps

    Speaker of the House

    Sara Babineaux
    Class Year: 2018
    Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana
    Major: English
    Minor: Philosophy

    Office Hours:

    TCU Involvement: Chi Omega Fraternity, Student Assistant in the Government Affairs Office, Student Assistant in the Chancellor’s Office, former Frog Aid, and Frog Aides Exec Team member

    Responsibilities: Serve as a facilitator for the legislative body. It is my job to maximize opportunity and involvement for my Representatives, so that they can do their jobs individually as best they can and most effectively serve the student body. I help to foster legislation, serve as the mouthpiece of the legislative branch in the Cabinet, and guide the House on a course that dances the line between enthusiastic chaos and gridlock or stagnation.

    Current Representatives

    Frog Aides


    The Frog Aides Executive Team is made up of the Frog Aides Director and seven Executive Leaders. The Frog Aides Director provides leadership for the seven Executive Members and lead the weekly meetings for the Frog Aides. All seven Executive Leaders chair a different committee and assist the Frog Aides in their various projects throughout the year.


    Learn More About Frog Aides
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    Frog Aides Director

    Mary Grekstas
    Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
    Class Year:  2018
    Major:  Finance
    Minor:  Accounting & Math

    TCU Involvement:  Student Foundation, Neeley Fellows Class of 2018, Kappa Alpha Theta, Frog Camp

    Description: Support, equip, encourage, and enlighten freshmen students to become effective and ethical leaders on campus and the Fort Worth Community

    – Each Frog Aide involved in one organization beyond Frog Aides
    – Provide at least one opportunity for each Frog Aide to demonstrate their leadership strengths in action
    – Help Frog Aides understand their own leadership style more clearly and concretely.
    Engage directors and Frog Aides with interactive meetings, debates, and discussions.