The TCU Student Government Association exists to represent the collective voice of the student body while encompassing the spirit of the TCU community through service, programming and legislation.



SGA’s Cabinet serves as the Executive Branch of the Student Government Association.


The Cabinet is comprised of the leaders of the branches within SGA, including: the four elected student body officers – Student Body President, Student Body Vice President of Operations, Student Body Vice President of External Affairs, Student Body Treasurer – as well as the Speaker of the House, the Frog Aides Co-Directors, and the President’s Chief of Staff.  The goal of the Cabinet is to ensure that SGA is working smoothly as a whole and is constantly working to improve the TCU student experience. The members in the Cabinet are the most experienced members in SGA and act as a reference for all members whenever help is needed.

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House of Representatives


The House of Representatives is led by the the Executive Board, which consists of the Speaker of the House, six Standing Committee Chairs, Administrative Assistant, Parliamentarian, and Chaplain. This board approves legislation before coming to the House floor and discusses the standing committee projects. The Speaker of the House leads these meetings and acts as a resource for the committee chairs when needed.


TCU’s House of Representatives brings change to campus by sharing student ideas and opinions through legislation – all ideas are welcome no matter the size. Representatives are responsible for presenting legislation to the House, answering questions, and discussing campus impact. A majority of Representatives must vote to pass the legislation in order for it to be approved by the House. Passed legislation is then delivered to University administrators and other stakeholders as representation of TCU student opinion. The House may then provide funding and support for these projects and initiatives.

House Representatives serve as advocates for causes about which the student body is passionate. Representatives often meet with administration to represent student opinion about various topics affecting students every day. In the past, Representatives have advocated for everything from dining improvements in Market Square to protecting off-campus student housing at Fort Worth City Council meetings.

The House of Representatives is made up of 56 representatives that represent either their student class (Class of 2018, 2019, etc.) or their respective colleges (Honors, Science and Engineering, Education, etc.). The House consists of seven standing committees on which Representatives are required to serve. These committees act as smaller teams to bring legislation or project ideas to the House floor. A committee chair, elected in the spring semester by the House of Representatives, leads each committee.

All students have a stake in Student Government, and we therefore welcome the voices of every single Horned Frog in House business. All students are allowed to attend and to voice their opinions during House meetings and are strongly encouraged to do so. The House meets every Tuesday at 5pm in the BLUU Chambers. If you have any concerns or comments on what your Representatives are doing and cannot attend a meeting, please contact the Representative(s) that serves your constituency.

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Frog Aides


 Frog Aides is Student Government’s student-led leadership development program exclusively for first-year students.


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The purpose of Frog Aides is to expand the leadership skills of highly-motivated students, to gain hands-on experience planning campus-wide projects and implementing student programs, to interact with TCU’s top student leaders and mentors, and to learn the “ins and outs” of the TCU Student Government Association. Frog Aides consists of two Directors, six Executive Team members, and between 30 and 40 first-year students.

You won’t learn by listening—you’ll actually learn by doing, and you’ll impact the student body along the way. Your hands-on experience may range from discovering how your leadership style can be best utilized on campus, to creating long-lasting bonds and friendships with some of the most impactful students on campus, to planning and implementing projects throughout the year. These projects are designed for Frog Aides members to dream big, as they control the project from the brainstorming phase to the final product. From big to small projects, Frog Aides are free to pursue their passions to make an impact on the campus and its community.

Past Frog Aides have gone on to lead in every aspect of the TCU community, in and out of SGA. Many Student Body Officers, SGA leaders, Greek Life leaders, Orientation Leaders, Frog Camp Facilitators, Connections Mentors, Tour Guides, campus mentors, and community leaders began their leadership development right here in Frog Aides.

For more information about Frog Aides, please contact Directors Reilly Cornell or Jacob Whitaker.



Judicial Board


The Judicial Branch consists of the Judicial Board, which governs the judicial proceedings of the Student Government Association, including but not limited to, election disputes, code of ethics violations, and challenges of constitutionality.


The Board meets on a case-by-case basis and may not be called upon if no violations occur. The Board consists of between 10-15 students. Members must have at least 24 semester hours completed to be eligible for a position. The Board is led by the Chief Justice whom is elected by receiving a majority of the votes by the Justices.

  • The Justices shall be nominated by the President and approved by the House of Student Representatives.
  • For approval of Justices, the president will make available to House written statements detailing their qualifications and address questions.
  • If possible, student Justice nominees are recommended to attend House to answer questions and to address the concerns of House members.
  • Two-thirds of the legislature must vote in favor of a nominee for him or her to be appointed to the Judicial Board.
  • The term of a newly appointed Justice shall begin immediately and cease by resignation, graduation or impeachment only.

Student nominees for Justice shall have completed a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester hours



theCrew is the programming arm of TCU’s Student Government.

theCrew provides free events every week to help connect students across campus with each other and the university as a whole. Their mission is to build community at TCU through hosting events that create a common experience for the whole campus. theCrew is broken up into 6 day teams that are led by student Team Leaders. In the teams, students will brainstorm events and will work as a team to bring your ideas to campus. theCrew holds weekly meetings where all members will come together to relax, have fun, and collectively brainstorm event ideas to bring to campus.

For more information about theCrew and how to join, click here to visit theCrew’s website.