The House consists of six standing committees, on which representatives are required to serve. These committees act as smaller teams to bring legislation and project ideas to the House floor. A committee chair, elected in the spring semester by the House of Representatives, leads each committee. Committee membership is not limited to elected House representatives. Members of the undergraduate student body may join any committee, with the except of the Finance Committee.

Explore the House Committees

The purpose of the Academic Affairs committee is to advocate and develop projects that improve the student academic experience at TCU. A major role of this committee is bridging the gap between faculty and students by working alongside the Faculty Senate.

The Dining Committee works closely with TCU dining and housing staff to provide student feedback on menu and payment options, the overall student dining experience, and dietary needs of students. More closely resembling an advocacy group than a legislative body, the Dining Committee works directly with Sodexo management, providing students a direct line to the ears of TCU Dining, while constantly striving to provide a more satisfactory dining experience.

The Elections and Regulations committee maintains the governing documents of SGA, interviews and appoints new representatives when needed, and facilitates smooth and fair elections.


Finance Committee has two purposes: 1) to allocate funds to student organizations through the student organization funding process; 2) to use the Funding Guidelines to review bills before they come to the floor of the House of Representatives. Finance Committee is a closed committee composed of eight students (two of which come from outside of SGA). Members are selected annually by the Finance Committee Chair at the beginning of the Fall semester.


The Student Experience committee works on projects and legislation that pertain to the overall TCU student experience.


The Student Outreach Committee aims to maintain an open dialogue between SGA and the student body. This committee helps SGA connect to students and collect feedback, while also promoting SGA’s role on campus to students and student organizations.