SGA Elections 2021

Elections for the 2021-2022 school year will be held April 16. For information about how to run or about our candidates, please use the links below. Questions? Contact Elections & Regulations Chair Bella Pantoja at

Download the Election Guidelines

The Election Guidelines is the governing document of Student Government’s elections process. Please refer to the document for information about policy, procedures, and candidate eligibility. For questions, please contact E&R Chair Bella Pantoja at

Download the Election Guidelines



Report a Campaign Violation

Any student, faculty, or staff witnessing an alleged campaign violation may file a report using the link below. For questions, please contact E&R Chair Bella Pantoja at Reporter name and contact information is required to file a report. However, this information will remain confidential throughout the process.

Campaign Violation Form

Meet the Officers-Elect

For more information about the newly-elected Student Body Officers, please follow the link below.

Officers-Elect Info

Fill a Vacant Seat

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in joining house for the 2021-2022 school year please fill out the House of Representative application above.

Fill a Vacancy

Candidate Resources


    • Who are SBOs?
      • SBOs are the Student Body Officers: President, Vice President and Treasurer.
    • What do SBOs do?
      • Student Body Officers serve as advocates for the student body. They attend meetings with administration to voice student concerns as well as work on legislation to best serve the student body.
    • Who is eligible to run for a Student Body Officer position?
    • How do I run for an SBO position?
      • Once the filing period opens you can fill out the filing packet that contains all the important documents including the declaration of intent, ethical campaigning statement and a list of the members of your campaign team. If you decide to run, you may not disclose the office you intend to run for to anyone except for those who are members of your campaign team and for campaign purposes. You can find a complete list of rules and regulations for the election here.
    • What is the Filing Period?
      • The Filing Period is when a candidate can declare their intent to run in the form of a packet put together by the Elections and Regulations Committee.
    • I filled out the filing packet, now what?
      • Once you complete the filing packet you will send the completed packet to the Elations and Regulations Chair, Bella Pantoja at