Frog Aides

Frog Aides is TCU’s premier freshman leadership program offered by SGA exclusively for first-year students. Frog Aides’ main goals are to introduce TCU freshmen to leadership roles inside and outside SGA, as well as allow freshmen to fully plan and implement projects on campus. For more information or to apply to be in Frog Aides, click here. Application coming soon.

House of Representatives

The House of Student Representatives is the elected voice of the student body. House’s main goal is to improve the lives of TCU students by fulfilling SGA’s purpose of funding, advocating, and uniting. There are three involvement opportunities in House:

1.  Class of 2023 Election

Each fall, elections are held for two representatives of each incoming class. Apply to run for these positions using the application below. Application opens August 1 at 9:00am.

Class of 2023 Application


2. Apply to Fill a Vacant Seat

Throughout the year, the Elections and Regulations committee works to fill vacant seats in the House of Representatives through an application and interview process. Apply to fill a vacant position using the application below.

Vacancy Application


3. Serve on a Committee

All students are welcome to join one of our six House Representatives committees. With the exception of the Finance Committee, all committees are open to the student body. Click here to learn about our committees.

Finance Committee serves to utilize SGA’s resources dedicated to student organizations at TCU by hearing funding proposals and voting on allocations weekly, based on the need of each organization and principles set by the Funding Guidelines. Given this specific mission, selection process for the Finance Committee includes an application followed by interviews. All students who want to make a positive impact at TCU are encouraged to apply! Application is open to SGA members and non-members.

Apply for the Finance Committee