Each semester, the SGA Finance Committee allocates funding to support student organizations hosting events or programs within that same semester. In order to be eligible for Student Organization Funding, organizations must be recognized and in good standing with the Office of Student Organizations. For more information, please reference the tabs below and download a copy of the SGA Funding Guidelines 2019-2020  Questions should be directed to Finance Chair My Nguyen.


Apply for Fall 2019 Funding

  • Only student organizations recognized and in good standing with the Office of Student Organizations in Student Development Services will be considered for funding. University-wide events and departments not recognized as a student organization are not eligible.
  • Only organizations established for a full semester are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Organizations in their first semester are eligible for up to $250 of funding.
  • Graduate students do not contribute to the Student Body undergraduate fee. Therefore, SGA does not fund graduate organizations. If an undergraduate organization has graduate student members, SGA reserves the right to make a percentage deduction from the awarded amount to account for any graduate students.
  • Organizations cannot receive funding for expenses incurred more than 30 days prior.
  • Organizations with outstanding fines or balances levied by the University are not eligible to apply for funding.

Download the 2019-2020 Funding Guidelines

Fall 2019 Funding Dates

    • August 25: Fall 2019 Funding Application Opens
    • September 10: First Finance Committee Meeting/Funding Presentations
    • November 15: Fall 2019 Funding Application Closes
    • November 25: Last Finance Committee Meeting/Funding Presentations
    • December 11: Last Day to Claim Fall 2019 Funds

Each organization is required to make a presentation before the members of the SGA Finance Committee.

  • The presentation should explain the organization’s purpose and activities, funding application, and any sources of income (including sponsorships, fundraising projects, and dues).
  • Visual aids are highly encouraged (for assistance, please refer to the presentation template below)
  • Organizations should provide an updated bank statement (or TCU financial statement), no older than one month, to the Finance Chair at the presentation.
  • Presentations should not exceed 5 minutes. An additional 5 minutes will be allotted for question and answer.

Download Presentation Template


  • SGA offers organizations four options to claim their allocated funds:
  • SGA can pay the vendor directly (through an invoice) for the goods or services provided.
  • SGA can reimburse a member of your student organization with proper documentation and receipts.
  • SGA can transfer funds to the organization’s TCU department.
  • SGA can pay the TCU Bookstore, Costco, Frog Prints, or Sodexo directly with the proper forms.

To claim your allocated funds, please contact Pam Hughes (p.hughes@tcu.edu). The Finance Committee recommends contacting Pam BEFORE you spend money to make sure you understand the documentation requirements for TCU to process reimbursements, invoices, etc.

For complete information on how to claim your funds, please download the CLAIM YOUR SGA FUNDS  guide.