Student Organization Funding

Student Organization Funding

Each semester, the SGA Finance Committee allocates funding to support student organizations hosting events or programs within that same semester. In order to be eligible for Student Organization Funding, organizations must be recognized and in good standing with the Office of Student Organizations. Questions should be directed to Finance Board Chair Marie Langer.


Direct Deposit

All reimbursements are processed through direct deposit.  Please enroll in this process BEFORE beginning the reimbursement process.  For more information and enrollment instructions, please download the Direct Deposit Instructions info sheet.  *Please note that if you are already enrolled in direct deposit for a campus paycheck – this process requires a separate enrollment.*


Direct Deposit Instructions


In order to begin the reimbursement process, please submit a Reimbursement Request Form.  This will allow our team time to review your receipts and prepare your form BEFORE you come to the office.  The form will ask for screenshots or photos of receipts.  Please have those ready when you being the form.  DO NOT THROW AWAY original receipts.  You will still need them as a part of this process.  For questions about the form, please email


Reimbursement Request Form