SGA provides funding to student organizations for programs and events, as well as to students for their ideas and projects.


SGA provides funding through two avenues: The first is Organizational Funding, in which organizations present weekly in front of SGA’s Finance Committee. All established student organizations are asked to apply for funding through this avenue. If you are ready to apply for Organizational Funding, see below. The second option is to write a bill. Students, student organizations, or any member of the TCU community, has the option to write a bill to request funding from the House of Student Representatives. If you wish to write a bill, please contact the Speaker of House, Sara Babineaux.

If you have questions regarding SGA funding, please contact the Student Body Treasurer, Cara Doil.

Organizational Funding


During each semester, SGA allocates funds to student organizations hosting an event or program within that same semester.



The application for Organizational Funding for FY18 (August 2017 – May 2018) is now closed. 



Important Spring Organizational Funding Dates:
  • January 17th – Application opens.
  • January  23rd – Finance Committee begins seeing presentations.
  • April 10th – Application closes.
  • April 27th – Deadline to meet with Student Activities to work through claiming-of-funds paperwork.
    • Note: The appointment with Student Activities needs to be made by April 20th.
    • Most reimbursements require that the paperwork be completed within 30 days of purchase. To avoid complications in reimbursement, do not wait until the April 27th deadline.
  • June 4th – Unclaimed reimbursement checks will be shredded.
    • No checks will be mailed.
    • Reimbursement checks will need to be claimed at Sadler Hall prior to the check recipient’s departure for the summer break.


Funding Priorities
  • Requests that positively contribute to campus life
  • Requests that make worthwhile opportunities available to students that would not otherwise be possible
  • Requests that provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Activities that bring recognition to TCU


Funding Guidelines

***SGA cannot reimburse purchases made after 30 days of the original date!***

***If you are bringing a vendor on campus to provide a service, a contract is needed. Contracts take at least two weeks for TCU to process. If organizations want funding towards contracts, they must apply and present at least two weeks before the expenses are incurred!***

  1. All SGA sponsored events should be free for all TCU undergraduate students to attend.
    1. However, certain exceptions can be made.
  2. SGA does not pay for travel and lodging expenses (with the exclusion of sports clubs). SGA will review requests as they bring recognition to TCU.
  3. SGA cannot fund direct monetary contributions to charities.
    1. However, SGA can fund events designed to raise money for charity if the event is free for students to attend.
  4. SGA does not fund scholarships for student organization dues.
  5. SGA does not pay for individual collectibles such as gift cards, prizes, awards, or T-shirts.
    1. However, requests for said items will be considered on a case by case basis.
  6. SGA cannot pay for software.

Please review full SGA Funding Guidelines BEFORE applying


Organizational Funding Process
  1. Organizations must first complete an online application.
    1. The SPRING application will open at 5:00 PM on January 17th.
    2. The FALL application will close at 5:00 PM on April 10th.
  2. Organizations will then be contacted by the Finance Committee Chair, Morgan Williams, in order to set up a presentation time.
  3. The Chair will assign a presentation time and place based on the next availability. If the assigned presentation time does not work, the organizations’ representatives must notify the Chair. Failure to quickly respond to the Chair’s message will result in a delayed date and time.
  4. Organizations will then present in front of the Finance Committee.
    1. It is encouraged that presentations are given by the organizations’ officers.
    2. Presenters must arrive on time and bring all necessary materials, including an up to date bank statement.
    3. Access to PowerPoint will be provided.
  5.  Immediately after each organization presents, there will then be a five minute question and answer.
  6.  The organizations’ representatives will then leave and the Finance Committee will deliberate.
  7.   Organizations will be contacted within 48 hours notifying them of their awarded amount.
    1. It is encouraged that presentations are given by the organizations’ officers, any member(s) of the organization can deliver the presentations.
    2. Presenters must arrive on time and bring all necessary materials, including an up to date bank statement. Access to PowerPoint will be provided.


Apply Here



THE PRESENTATION should address basic organizational information (current account balance, number of members in the organization, explanation of the organization), as well as the particular need for funding (details regarding the event or reason for funding). This presentation should last no longer than five minutes.

**In order to be able to claim their awarded amount, organizations must directly follow the instructions outlined in the award email. For more information, see below.**


If you have any questions, please contact the Student Body Treasurer, Cara Doil. Instructions on how to correctly claim your funding can be found below.

Post-Funding Instructions


If your student organization has received funding from SGA,

please follow the instructions below to claim your funding.


How to Claim your Funds:

1. Keep a copy of your award letter/email. The award letter will specify the projects and events to which the SGA funding must be applied.

2. You may claim your funding in one of the following five ways:

  • Request a departmental transfer – for organizations affiliated with a TCU department
  • Reimbursement – for a student member or advisor (must have a TCU ID) requesting a personal reimbursement. SGA cannot reimbursement organizations, only individuals with a TCU ID number.
  • Purchase orders – for supplies from the TCU Bookstore or Costco
  • Invoices – when working with a vendor for a good or service
  • Contracts – when working with a vendor for a good service

To ensure that your organization is able to claim all of the allotted amount, please carefully review our distribution guidelines, which can be found HERE.

3. Keep detailed records or original receipts of organization expenses to submit to SGA.

Deadline to Claim Funds
  • Fall Deadline – TBD
  • Spring Deadline – TBD
  • Organizations must use or claim their awarded amounts by the deadline listed above.  All remaining unclaimed funds will be revoked and made available for distribution to other organizations.


If you have questions on how to claim your funding, contact the Student Body Treasurer Cara Doil.