Why Choose Frog Aides?

We think Frog Aides is pretty great.  But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some former Frog Aides had to say about how the program shaped their TCU experience and personal leadership journey.


Claire Chipinda ’24

“Frog Aides has given me leadership skills and memories that will last a lifetime. My time in this program was marked with immeasurable growth as both a leader and individual. I could not have pictured my freshman year experience without Frog Aides. I am immensely thankful for the friendships and experiences that this program has given me. Because of Frog Aides I am now equipped to lead on campus and beyond! FA4L!”


Gus Arenas ’24

“Frog Aides impacted me significantly in such a positive way. The way that the exec team helped put the cohort in positions of leadership was so great. I made so many incredible friendships, improved my leadership skills, and was able to contribute to and help the TCU and outside community.”


Harris Podell ’22

“Frog Aides pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could be pushed and showed me so many different perspectives of leadership. It was such a personal experience that allowed me to grow into a stronger leader and motivated me to become a better person overall. Apply for Frog Aides, it will change your life!”


Walker Herzog ’23

“Frog Aides was the most influential program I was a part of my freshman year. The cohort of people that I was surrounded by transformed me into a more knowledgeable leader. We all became friends and it was a truly fun experience! The skills I learned in this program will make my college experience and future more successful!!”