The goal of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to improve the lives of TCU students by funding, advocating, and uniting. Of these three methods, advocacy is one of the most effective tools for student government to enact change on TCU’s campus. The Student Government Association has advocated for many causes over the past year, such as: opposing a neighborhood overlay that would affect thousands of TCU students, changing library hours, and adding courses to TCU’s curriculum.

One of the ways SGA advocates on behalf of students is through a document called a Resolution.  A Resolution, when passed through the House of Representatives, shows tangible student support to administrators and stakeholders for a certain cause or idea. This House support gives an idea much more weight and can be the turning point in bringing an idea to fruition. You do not have to be a member of Student Government Association to make an idea happen. If you have an idea or cause you are passionate about, and think students would benefit from it, we encourage you to contact your representative who can help you write a Resolution to present to the House for approval. Representatives and Student Body Officers are always available to help. Visit the Leadership page for contact information, or click HERE to view our Resolution template.

We want to hear your ideas for improving TCU! Send your ideas or concerns to SGA@TCU.EDU by clicking HERE.