House of Representatives



TCU’s House of Representatives brings change to campus by sharing student ideas and opinions through legislation and advocacy – all ideas are welcome no matter the size. Representatives are responsible for presenting legislation to the House, discussing campus impact, and delivering passed legislation to University administrators and stakeholders.

House meetings are held at 5pm each Tuesday during the fall and spring academic terms. The House meets in the Brown-Lupton University Union Chambers. Meetings are open to all students.


House Leadership

The House is led by the Speaker of the House and the House Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of the Speaker of the House, committee chairs, parliamentarian, and legislative clerk.


House Executive Board



The House consists of seven standing committees, on which representatives are required to serve. These committees act as smaller teams to bring legislation or project ideas to the House floor. A committee chair, elected in the spring semester by the House of Representatives, leads each committee.


Committee Descriptions



The House of Representatives is made up of 56 elected representatives that represent either their student class or their respective colleges.


Representative Roster