House Committees

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Academic Affairs

Chair: Alexis Hood


The purpose of the Academic Affairs committee is to advocate and develop projects that improve the student academic experience at TCU. A major role of this committee is bridging the gap between faculty and students by working alongside the Faculty Senate.


Dining Services

Chair: Jack Leonhard


The Dining Committee works closely with TCU dining staff to provide student feedback on menu and payment options, the overall student dining experience, and dietary needs of students. More closely resembling an advocacy group than a legislative body, the Dining Committee works directly with Market Square and other retail restaurants in the Multipurpose building, providing students a direct line to the ears of TCU Dining, while constantly striving to provide a more satisfactory dining experience.


Elections & Regulations

Chair: Clayton Dana-Bashian


The Elections and Regulations committee maintains the governing documents of SGA, interviews and appoints new representatives when needed, and facilitates a smooth and fair election every spring for the student body and every fall for the incoming freshman class.


Internal Affairs

Chair: Tucker Wilkie


The Internal Affairs committee focuses on the internal operations and efficiency of the House of Representatives. This includes member development among representatives, increasing member education, and enhancing the reputation of SGA on campus. in accomplishing their goals and following up with students who interact with SGA.



Chair: Morgan Williams


Finance Committee has two purposes. The first is to consider Organizational Funding Applications and supporting presentations from each student organization. The committee then allocates available funds. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis according to need and expressed intent to impact our student body. The second purpose of the committee is to use the Funding Guidelines to review bills before they come to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Finance Committee is a closed committee composed of eight students from the House of Student Representatives. Up to two of these seats may be filled by non-House members. Members are selected annually by the Finance Committee Chair at the beginning of the Fall semester.


Student Experience

Chair: Preston Hughes


The Student Experience committee works on projects and legislation that pertain to the overall TCU student experience. The broad scope of this committee’s responsibilities allows it to be a great avenue for students’ ideas to become reality. Projects range from adding new charging stations around campus to providing free school supplies for students in the library.


Student Outreach

Chair: Ryan Chandler


Student Outreach Committee aims to keep an open dialogue between SGA and the student body. This committee helps SGA connect to students and get their feedback via Table Talks, while also promoting SGA’s role on campus to students and organizations by helping to organize events like the annual Student Organization President’s Dinner.