Frog Aides


 Frog Aides is Student Government’s student-led leadership development program exclusively for first-year students.


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The purpose of Frog Aides is to expand the leadership skills of highly-motivated students, to gain hands-on experience planning campus-wide projects and implementing student programs, to interact with TCU’s top student leaders and mentors, and to learn the “ins and outs” of the TCU Student Government Association. Frog Aides consists of two Directors, six Executive Team members, and between 30 and 40 first-year students.

You won’t learn by listening—you’ll actually learn by doing, and you’ll impact the student body along the way. Your hands-on experience may range from discovering how your leadership style can be best utilized on campus, to creating long-lasting bonds and friendships with some of the most impactful students on campus, to planning and implementing projects throughout the year. These projects are designed for Frog Aides members to dream big, as they control the project from the brainstorming phase to the final product. From big to small projects, Frog Aides are free to pursue their passions to make an impact on the campus and its community.

Past Frog Aides have gone on to lead in every aspect of the TCU community, in and out of SGA. Many Student Body Officers, SGA leaders, Greek Life leaders, Orientation Leaders, Frog Camp Facilitators, Connections Mentors, Tour Guides, campus mentors, and community leaders began their leadership development right here in Frog Aides.

For more information about Frog Aides, please contact Co-Directors Kenzi KostelorSchuyler O’Brien.